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Is it necessary to use an air purifier in the office?

Air purifiers can improve air quality. Many people have air purifiers installed in their homes. In order to create a good breathing space for the family, so that the family’s body can be guaranteed. Air purifier can filter out dust, formaldehyde and other harmful gases in the air through the filter, especially activated carbon filter, […]

Huawei Intelligent Selection Full-effect Air Purifier Breaks out the Haze on Ten Sides

Huawei Zhixuan Full-effect Air Purifier Huawei Intelligent Air Purifier uses full-effect purification technology – HEPA filtration, activated carbon adsorption, deep ultraviolet sterilization and negative ion freshness. Combined with the surging air volume up to CADR500 cubic meters/h, it can bring all-round fresh air to the whole house. Monitoring shows that it takes only 5 minutes […]

How about 3M air purifier and 3M air purifier?

In the blink of an eye, winter comes again. Every year, when autumn and winter comes, the climate is often very dry, and haze often visits. Often this time, children’s respiratory problems will follow. Daughters are sensitive to particulates in the air, often causing cough, even shortness of breath. For nearly half a year, they […]

How about Gree Air Purifier?

The appearance of this purifier is very simple, the white host is very clean, the golden decorative strip is noble, the left and right sides are respectively the outlet and the inlet, the main machine is small and delicate, the size is: 61cm * 35cm * 16cm, in the purifier is a small size does […]

How to select the air purifier? What should we pay attention to?

How to Select Air Purifier Choose according to place and use Air cleaners can be roughly divided into “fan air cleaner”, “electrostatic air cleaner” and “negative ion air cleaner”. Before choosing a house, you should first find out which type of house you want. Fan air purifier: high quality, low price, configurable multiple sets In […]

How about a beautiful air purifier?

How about a beautiful air purifier? The main purpose of purchasing air purifiers is to improve the air and eliminate harmful impurities in the air. Among many brands of air purifiers, beautiful air purifiers stand out. Then the next edition will lead you to understand. How about a beautiful air purifier? Mei Mei is an […]