Is it necessary to use an air purifier in the office?

Air purifiers can improve air quality. Many people have air purifiers installed in their homes. In order to create a good breathing space for the family, so that the family’s body can be guaranteed. Air purifier can filter out dust, formaldehyde and other harmful gases in the air through the filter, especially activated carbon filter, electrostatic precipitation filter is very powerful.

Many white-collar workers are in the office every day except at home. Manager level will have their own office, often need to receive some customers. In order to make the indoor air better, many people will use air humidifier. But humidifier can only adjust air humidity, and can not achieve the purpose of dust removal. Although the office cleans every day, it is inevitable that there will be dust, formaldehyde and other harmful gases. When a client arrives at the office, if the air smells bad and there is dust, it will make people feel uncomfortable and do not want to sit often, then it will be very disadvantageous to talk about things. So for the sake of smoother talks, for the people who come to the office to breathe fresh air, and for the managers to create a healthy environment. Air purifier should also be used to complete the function of air filtration.

If it is the office of ordinary employees, it should be placed air purifier. Because there are so many people in the office, people come and go everyday. And there are many office documents, office furniture. There will be a lot of dust and formaldehyde and other harmful gases. It is impossible to improve the air quality simply by opening windows and ventilating. And office computers can also keep a lot of dust stubbornly. The air purifier can firmly absorb the dust, even the hair, and then filter through the filter. The air is purified by circulating air in and out. And harmful gases such as formaldehyde can also be filtered out. In this way, even if there are more office furniture, formaldehyde and other harmful gases will not endanger the health of office workers.

People come and go in and out of the office, the air flow is not smooth, and there are often odors. If someone smokes, the quality of indoor air will be worse. The air purifier has activated carbon mesh, which can remove odor, dust and hair very well. And it should be recycled every day, so as to keep the indoor air fresh and healthy at all times. Employees work in clean air offices, and their health is guaranteed.

So whether at home or in the office, there should be an air purifier. High-quality air purifier has a long service life, and the motor can continue to play a role. Drive the fan to keep the air flowing. There are many kinds of filters and their functions are different. Some filters are suitable for filtering fine dust, while others have electrostatic adsorption function, which is very effective for filtering hair. Some filters can also filter harmful substances in the air. Let the air be thoroughly purified.

The use of air purifier in office can improve the air quality of office and the working environment quality of office staff. Both employees and customers can enjoy healthy air, which is good for everyone’s health. When selecting, it can be selected according to the actual needs of use. For example, the formaldehyde content is relatively high, you can choose the air filter of activated carbon filter, which can remove harmful gases in the air. If the dust is large, the filter with electrostatic adsorption function can be selected.

Huawei Intelligent Selection Full-effect Air Purifier Breaks out the Haze on Ten Sides

Huawei Zhixuan Full-effect Air Purifier

Huawei Intelligent Air Purifier uses full-effect purification technology – HEPA filtration, activated carbon adsorption, deep ultraviolet sterilization and negative ion freshness. Combined with the surging air volume up to CADR500 cubic meters/h, it can bring all-round fresh air to the whole house. Monitoring shows that it takes only 5 minutes to open Huawei Intelligent Air Purifier, and the indoor air of 20 square meters will be refreshed. The design of high quality imported coconut shell activated carbon can absorb gaseous pollutants (such as formaldehyde), pollen, cigarettes, TVOC and odor of life.

Huawei Zhixuan Full-effect Air Purifier

Huawei Intelligent Selection Full-effect Air Purifier has built-in professional 254 nanometer deep ultraviolet UVC, which can effectively kill hundreds of bacteria in the air, and the sterilization rate is over 99.9%. At the same time, it is equipped with a high-energy negative ion generator, which can continuously produce “air vitamins” beyond the forest, so that the refreshing feeling fills every corner of the room. Huawei Intelligent Selection Full-effect Air Purifier adopts tower-type air circuit design, which makes the air flow continuously in the direction of large circulation. The noise reduction and diversion duct will greatly reduce the noise, thus bringing about a quiet life.