Which brand is better to fill your home with fresh air purifiers?

Fresh air has always been loved by everyone. We often imagine that we can have a healthy and fresh breathing environment all the time, even at home. However, due to the serious air pollution in recent years, our good wishes have been unable to achieve. As a result, many friends are distressed. So, what should we do to make our home full of fresh and pleasant air?

As one of the excellent products in the industry, Fena TOMEFON air purifier has achieved good sales and established a good reputation in recent years. Because of this, it has become a choice for more and more people to improve indoor air quality. Of course, as a popular product in the market, it naturally has its excellence. For example, it is not only compact, easy to place and carry, but also has a very powerful internal function. Even when facing the relatively fine toxic substances in the air, it can also pass the mode of three-fold filter screen and eight-level purification, using pre-primary filter layer, HEPA filter layer, activated carbon filter layer, molecular sieve adsorption layer, photocatalyst filter layer, ultraviolet ray to remove bacterial filter layer and negative. The ion filter layer filters the air effectively to ensure that the air has enough cleanliness.

Perhaps some friends will ask the question: Is clean air a sign of healthy air? In fact, there are many factors that determine the air quality, and the cleanliness of air is only one of them, such as the humidity content of air will also lead to different air quality. According to the survey statistics, when the humidity content in the air is less than 40%, it will be easier to breed bacteria and viruses in the air, and will have adverse effects on allergic rhinitis patients and asthmatic patients with respiratory diseases. On the contrary, when the humidity content in the air is higher than 60%, the virus in the air will also accelerate the growth. Therefore, in order to have a healthy air, humidity content is also a factor we can not ignore. In order to make the user’s breathing environment healthier, the researchers of TOMEFON air purifier in Fiona specially used temperature and humidity sensors to monitor the humidity content of air in real time, and used fog-free humidification technology and natural physical humidification layer to humidify the substandard air, so as to make the user’s breathing ring more healthy. The environment can be more fresh and healthy.

Nowadays, with the improvement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, people’s requirement for indoor air is becoming higher and higher. Of course, in order to improve the respiratory environment better and more conveniently, people have developed a series of scientific and technological products to assist, such as the Fiona TOMEFON air purifier is one of the very good results.

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