How about 3M air purifier and 3M air purifier?

In the blink of an eye, winter comes again. Every year, when autumn and winter comes, the climate is often very dry, and haze often visits. Often this time, children’s respiratory problems will follow. Daughters are sensitive to particulates in the air, often causing cough, even shortness of breath. For nearly half a year, they have been taking Shunling daily before bed for treatment, and sometimes cough. Two air purifiers have been used before, but the effect is not ideal. It happens that this 3M mini-purifier for home bedroom can be tried out this time, so it’s very expected for me. The purifier is not large in general, but its appearance is smooth, the air inlet and outlet is very wide, the structure is compact, and the function is practical. The front face is smooth and the back is semi-cylindrical.

The wide open air inlet can realize large area of bilateral direction air intake.

The function is practical and the operation is simple. There are only 6 buttons on the function panel of the purifier, such as power switch, wind speed, automation, sleep, timing and reset, which can realize the operation of adjusting wind power, timing, switch, etc. It can be said to be very simple and convenient. It is worth mentioning that the indicator light of the purifier is very soft, the brightness is not high, and it will not interfere with sleep at night.

Equipped with safety lock. The middle clasp of the front panel is provided with safety protection. Once the front panel is opened, the purifier will stop running immediately, which improves the safety of use.

After unpacking the package, we checked it up and down first. We have to say that, after all, it is a big brand, and its design and workmanship are in place. For example, the power cord is fixed on the purifier body by screw, which is totally different from the loosening appearance of some electrical appliances.

Okay, now we’re ready to test the machine. When unpacking, a note was posted on the front panel of the purifier to remind users to remove the mistake net before use and remove the plastic bag outside the filter net for reuse. Obviously, the purpose of adding plastic bags to the filter is to prevent contamination or contamination during storage or transportation of the filter. The purifier looks small, but the filter is big enough to remove the front panel and almost all the filters are on the front. After removing the filter, you can see that there are fans inside, so the structure is relatively simple.

Wide air outlet, large air output. The outlet is designed to face directly above the back, while some purifiers are designed on both sides or behind. Personally, it is very appropriate to design the air outlet upward, so that the exhaust air will not stir up the dust around.

Purification effect test. Put the burning cigarette near the purifier, and the smoke will be directly absorbed into the purifier before it can disperse. Purifier fans run at three speeds, namely high, medium and low, in addition to a special set of sleeping gear, the sound of the sleeping gear is very slight, measured with mobile phone APP software, if you do not turn on the purifier, about 24 decibels, purifier to turn on sleep function, about 30 decibels, the sound has been very slight, for sleep is basically not felt. In the daytime, in addition to high-speed gear can hear some voices, other middle and low-grade also feel not obvious, mute effect should be quite good.

The replacement of purifier filter screen is also very simple, just open the front panel can be replaced. And this filter is the purification core of the purifier, related introduction can be seen, I will not mention here. Coincidentally, the child used to cough almost every night before (about half a month) and sometimes all night, but after three or four days of using this purifier, the child’s cough has basically not been heard. Calculate that it has been used for more than 2 weeks now, and it still feels good.

Advantages: This 3M household air purifier is mainly used for bedroom air purification. It has beautiful appearance, practical function, simple operation, quiet operation and good purification effect. The price of 1000 yuan is higher than that of some purifiers of other brands.

Disadvantage: Personal feeling as an air purifier, it is best to need additional air quality detection function, so as to be more intuitive. However, in this way, the price is expected to go up a lot.

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