How about Gree Air Purifier?

The appearance of this purifier is very simple, the white host is very clean, the golden decorative strip is noble, the left and right sides are respectively the outlet and the inlet, the main machine is small and delicate, the size is: 61cm * 35cm * 16cm, in the purifier is a small size does not occupy space, for our small family, small size is the kingdom! The rhombic LED air quality display lamp is located above the panel. The air is white in good time and orange in bad time. It is clear at a glance.

The operation panel of the purifier is located at the top of the fuselage, which is easy to click, clear font, easy to operate and accessible for the elderly at home. The advantage of physical keys is that they are not easy to touch by mistake. The old purifier in the house is to touch the keys. It is often accidental when cleaning. But the physical keys of this purifier are generally tactile, and the feedback of individual keys is not good. Although it does not affect the normal use, the personal feeling is slightly low-end, probably due to cost savings considerations.

This purifier pays great attention to the humanized design. The handle on the top can be lifted by one hand and moved easily. The base is small, but the purpose of the base is to make the purifier even more stable. However, the purifier will be slightly shaken when it touches. Although it is not to be dumped, it is suggested that it should be placed in places where children and pets are not touched.

A good air purifier appearance is secondary, the most important is good purification effect, below I test, bedroom 12 flat, moderate outdoor air quality pollution, open windows and doors after ventilation for a period of time, open the purifier, at this time the color of the air quality display lamp is orange, indicating poor indoor air quality, in automatic mode about 7 minutes later turned white, indicating empty. The quality of gas has been obviously improved, which is worthy of being a purifying artifact! ___________

The tosot air purifier is different from the traditional air purifier. It uses the latest CEP purification technology, through four layers of filters: (1) primary filter; (2) occurrence filter; (3) collection pole; (4) ozone reduction network to reduce indoor polluted air to fresh and clean air. And 0 consumables can be cleaned regularly according to the instructions. Buying a purifier can be used for a long time. It saves the cost of replacing the filter screen every year. It’s very cost-effective!

When the “clean” light is on, the cleaning method is very simple. It only needs to wash the primary filter and collection pole by water and wipe the occurrence pole with a dry cloth. It needs to be noted that the filter must be completely dried before it can be put into the purifier, because it is a plasma constant effect purification technology and charged, so there is no water, the outer plate of the purifier. And the inner wall can be simply cleaned with a rag.

Families with babies like ours pay attention to the silence effect, hoping to give babies a quiet and comfortable sleeping environment, because more sleep is conducive to the development of intelligence and body, so I buy household appliances will measure decibels. The tosot air purifier runs at 42.7 decibels at low wind speed, 49.1 decibels at medium speed and 57.6 decibels at high speed. The adjustment of low wind speed at night will not affect the baby’s sleep at all. It’s just that the prompt sound of the switch is a little loud, and it’s better if it can be lowered a little.

When the air is bad, I will turn on the tosot purifier all day long. It saves electricity very much. Only one light tube can use electricity to give the family a fresh and comfortable environment. The baby is very healthy from birth to now. Thanks to the help of the tosot air purifier, the baby has a superior breathing environment and watches the baby fall asleep soundly. As a father and mother, it has a kind of unspeakable luck. Well-being, as long as the children are healthy and healthy, we are satisfied.

Advantages: I believe that many families have air purifiers, and there are more than one in my family. By comparison, I feel that the greatest advantage of this purifier is that there is no need to replace the filter, one-time expenditure once and for all, and the cleaning of the filter is also very convenient. Small size and space saving is also a great advantage for my family.

Disadvantages: Details need to be improved, the base is a little unstable, the touch of the key is slightly low-end.

How to select the air purifier? What should we pay attention to?

How to Select Air Purifier

Choose according to place and use

Air cleaners can be roughly divided into “fan air cleaner”, “electrostatic air cleaner” and “negative ion air cleaner”. Before choosing a house, you should first find out which type of house you want.

Fan air purifier: high quality, low price, configurable multiple sets

In the body of the fan type air purifier, a fan capable of generating air flow is arranged. The fan blade can absorb the indoor air after rotating, and intercept the odor and dust through the filter screen, finally releasing the purified fresh air.

This type of air purifier is relatively cheap, and it doesn’t cost much to put one in every room. However, due to the need to regularly clean and replace the filter, not only time-consuming and laborious, but also the noise of fan operation is relatively large. Therefore, they also have certain requirements for the place to be placed.

Electrostatic air purifier: low noise and lasting effect

The purification principle of electrostatic air purifier is to remove dirt by electrostatic force. Because the internal filter is not easy to plug, so the machine runs very quietly. In addition, the dust collection efficiency through plasma action is high, so the effect of purification is longer.

Compared with fan-type air purifiers, the price is slightly higher and the cost of purchasing more than one is higher. If you choose this type, it is recommended to place it only in the children’s room, living room or other important places.

Negative ion air purifier: toilet, car and other narrow space is the most appropriate

Negative ion air purifier can produce negative ions, and thus achieve the purpose of purifying air. Ions put into the air can effectively remove bacteria and odor, creating a fresh air environment. However, due to the compact shape of the air purifier, its effectiveness will also be limited by space. It is suggested that the air purifier should be placed in toilets, porches, cars and other places where the space is not large.

“Applicable area” is better than the actual area.

The “applicable area” of air purifier refers to the maximum indoor area suitable for use of air purifier, which is usually calculated by “”. If you want the air purifier to play a role in the shortest time, you must choose the style of “applicable area” larger than the actual area.

The contents mentioned above are more suitable for people who pay attention to the speed of purification. But if you don’t have too much demand for purification speed, then choose an area-matched air purifier is enough.

The greater the maximum air volume, the faster the air circulation speed is.

The maximum wind power of an air purifier refers to how much air can be delivered by the air purifier. The larger the value, the easier it is to speed up the air circulation in the room. If you want to clean up the air quickly before you greet visitors, this function can be of great use.

In addition, in the spring and autumn, it is easy to bring outdoor dust into the house after opening windows for a long time. But the air purifier with high air volume can quickly remove all kinds of dust and dust in the house even after closing the window.

Confirm additional functions at the same time

Everyone purchases air purifiers for different purposes, so they want different functions. In addition to purifying the air, let’s see what additional functions the air purifier has.

Deodorizing function: to deal with smoke, pet odor

Odor sensor is a device that can detect indoor odor. It can sense odors from pets, garlic and smoke, and it will automatically run to start deodorizing. Most air purifiers can automatically adjust the operation intensity. If you have pets or smokers at home, you should choose an air purifier equipped with odor sensors.

Dust removal function: reduce indoor dust, filter pollen, reduce PM2.5

Dust sensors can detect indoor dust. This device can remove dust and dust from windows and is very suitable for people who require high air quality.

In addition, this function not only can effectively eliminate PM2.5 in exhaust gas and air, but also can be used to filter pollen.

Dehumidification and humidification functions: corresponding to humidity and dry season

If the air purifier also has the functions of dehumidification and humidification, their utilization rate can not be underestimated. It not only eliminates the odor of indoor air drying during plum rain, but also protects against pollen during dry season and helps prevent colds. Although the price is on the high side, if you want to keep the room clean and refreshing, you might as well consider the air purifier with dehumidification and humidification functions.

Timing function: energy saving and electricity saving when going out or sleeping

How about a beautiful air purifier?

How about a beautiful air purifier? The main purpose of purchasing air purifiers is to improve the air and eliminate harmful impurities in the air. Among many brands of air purifiers, beautiful air purifiers stand out. Then the next edition will lead you to understand.

How about a beautiful air purifier?

Mei Mei is an enterprise that constantly innovates in science and technology, and its products have been pushing through the old and bringing forth the new, bringing more high-quality services to consumers. American high-end tower air purifier, as soon as it goes on the market, is popular with consumers because of its simple atmospheric appearance.

Secondly, its technology and quality, it meets all new international standards, efficient and energy-saving, the higher the level of energy efficiency, the more power-saving. Its Willing DC motor, ultra-stable, long life, low noise, clean air easily and effortlessly.

It uses vertical duct design, gushing spring air supply, three-dimensional purification 360 degrees without dead angle, three-dimensional space where you want to put, can completely purify the air!

How to use the air purifier of Mei Mei

The use of air purifier is very simple, do not need to think of operation after booting. Here are some points for attention in the use of air purifier in the United States.

1. It can be used with air conditioning, and the effect is better and more obvious.

2. When the cleaning signal lamp on the air purifier flashes, it indicates that the garbage in the air purifier is full and needs to be cleaned in time.

3. Put the purifier in a dry and ventilated place to prevent pollution.

4. The purifying capacity of air purifier should be in proportion to the size of the room, and it does not need to be used continuously for a long time.

5. We can’t rely on air purifier completely. It’s better to breathe fresh air in a better outdoor environment.

When choosing an air purifier, we need to consider that the performance of the air purifier is mainly determined by the ratio of clean air output. The higher the ratio of clean air output, the higher the purifying efficiency of the purifier. Beautiful air purifier has high purifying efficiency and safe use. I hope you can choose your favorite products after learning the above common sense.