Bamuda launched a new air purifier, using aircraft engine technology, the official website has been opened Booking

Bamuda Air Engine on the left and millet air purifier on the right

Bamuda: You copied it. Even the internal structure is the same.

Mimi: Look at what that says, about the scholar… (Bamuda: I don’t care, you keep copying if you have the ability)

Balmuda the Pure air purifier, a new product recently announced by the millet company balmuda, will be on sale on March 14 this year.

Jiguojun gives you the picture directly.

Looking from the outside, Balmuda the Pure adopted the current popular Japanese minimalist style design. According to its official introduction, they only want to pursue the actual air cleaning effect, so they will not focus on the appearance, try not to affect the decorative pattern of your room.

Jiguojun feels that this product, which tends to the latter between appearance and function, has gained a lot of points for itself in today’s environment where concise pragmatism prevails.

Compared with the previous generation, the new air purifier is equipped with new rectification technology and True HEPA filter.

First of all, it is said that the purifier uses the same rectifier wing technology as the jet engine of an aircraft. It can even blow directly to the roof in high air volume mode. Therefore, this technology can circulate the air in the room more completely and comprehensively. With the new air filter, the effect of rapid cleaning will undoubtedly go up a step.

True HEPA filter can capture 99.97% of 0.3 micron particles. Activated carbon filter carried by True HEPA filter can quickly eliminate odors in the air.

According to the official introduction, the unique combination of rectifier blades and fans can absorb air as quickly as possible and purify about 7,000 litres of air per minute at the highest efficiency.

In addition, Balmuda the Pure also has lights in the suction port and passage, and can adjust the brightness instantly according to the intensity of air cleaning. Jiguojun thinks this function is quite convenient. You can know the power of the machine at that time by looking at it from a distance, and it is easy to adjust.

If the light is dim at night, the air purifier can also be judged according to this function.

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