Looked at the millet air purifier 2S evaluation, it turned out to be really good

Just read the evaluation report of 2S of millet house air purifier, and then look out of the window at the dense fog and haze, my heart has made a dark decision.

The effect of haze on respiratory tract is not to be discussed. Look at the children’s hospital and the pediatric Institute every day in line with the respiratory department, you know its power. It not only does great harm to the elderly and children, but also poses a serious threat to our young people. Therefore, we must do a good job in the haze day. At present, the more effective way to remove haze is to equip the indoor air purifier. The following report on the evaluation of 2S of millet house air purifier is unavoidable because of the different feelings, needs and aesthetics of the evaluators, but it tries to experience the various functions as far as possible. It is an objective and comprehensive evaluation, and it can not be said in a reasonable way, but it is sincere.

Truth 1: Girls need artifacts. Clean air throughout the night is equivalent to SPA for skin.

According to the data provided by the evaluators, this millet home air purifier 2S is a suitable one-bedroom for use in a single bedroom or small apartment. Its overall size is not large, from a height point of view, it is not much higher than the bedside cabinet. Therefore, it will not occupy too much space in the room, which is more advantageous for individual space such as joint rental or hotel room.


Truth 2: Simple, easy to use, good to put everywhere.

Because the color and shape are more in line with the mainstream aesthetic, the overall use of a relatively simple white and more regular cubic shape, can adapt to more decoration styles. The four sides adopt a rounded R-angle transition mode, which can not only reduce the size visually, but also prevent sharp edges from threatening other people or characters.

Brightness of Indoor Display Screen

Sincerity 3: With a display screen, real-time understanding of air quality, automatic perception of environmental changes

This product is the third generation air purifier developed by Zhimi. The most prominent feature of this product is the installation of a display screen. It can display real-time PM2.5 concentration, temperature and humidity, WiFi connection and working mode more accurately. The built-in light sensor can automatically sense changes in the environment, and the screen will then adjust the darkness to avoid affecting night sleep.

Outdoor display brightness

Sincerely 4:PM2.5 concentration is clear at a glance, and multiple combinations are also cost-effective.

The built-in laser particle sensor in the fuselage can identify impurities with particle size as small as 0.3 um and show the indoor air condition. Under the display screen, there are short lines of green, orange and red, showing PM2.5 concentration in indoor air from low to high.

Laser particle sensor

The lower part of the fuselage is an array of holes that allow air to enter the fuselage for filtering. Because the purification capacity of different parts is different, the holes have different apertures. This arrangement of orifice arrays can also provide more visual design elements for a single color fuselage, so that the overall fuselage does not look too monotonous.

Truth 5: Excellent purification ability, 37-inch master bedroom is easy to handle

The top of the fuselage is the air outlet. Millet Home Air Purifier 2S continues the classic tower air circuit design, which makes more efficient use of body space and achieves 310 m/h purification capacity. It can be used in 21-37_rooms.

True words 6: One key integrated control, the elderly and children will see

The buttons are arranged in the lower right corner of the outlet. It uses one key integrated control: long press switch device, short press switch gear. This simple and convenient operation facilitates the use of the elderly and young children.

On the back is the filter cabin, which can be replaced.

Sincerely 7: Three-layer integrated 360 barrel filter to ensure cleanliness

The millet home air purifier 2S uses a three-layer integrated 360 degree barrel filter element. The primary filter can filter the suspended particles such as hair and dust. High-quality activated carbon can effectively absorb odors, bacteria and other impurities in the air. RFID intelligent filter identification is also installed on the filter element to simplify the cumbersome operation reset in daily use, and the original factory filter element authentication can ensure the clean effect. At the same time, it can also detect the use degree of the filter element and remind users to replace it in time.

There is also a button above the filter compartment, which is the key to reset and adjust the brightness of the screen. Click to adjust the brightness of the screen, and press long to reset the settings of the purifier.

Compact fuselage design, more intelligent use and more convenient operation, coupled with excellent air purification capacity, millet home air purifier 2S can bring a clean land for the living room.

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